RACKETT is launching her new single with a dance party at Yah Yah’s

RACKETT is launching her new single with a dance party at Yah Yah’s

Get ready to boogie up a storm.

Following on from a massive 2019, which saw Bec Callander shed her RACKETT bandmates and make her solo debut under the same name with the single ‘Machinations’, the Sydney musician is back with another new tune.

Co-written with Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, JEFFE) and mastered by Chris Behringer (Rihanna, St. Vincent), ‘Oxytoxic’ is a high-octane, futuristic dance track bursting with punk energy and an electronic twist.

Having debuted the single in mid-January, RACKETT will make her way to Melbourne this weekend to launch it live at Yah Yah’s where she says punters can expect a “new electronic set that fuses technology with live instrumentation.”

“The theme of the song is inspired by the love chemical oxytocin, and my obsession with love is toxic, hence ‘Oxtyoxic’,” said Callander of the track when we caught up with her recently. “It’s got a soft trap beat and a thick bassline made for thrusting, and lyrics that describe the extent of my obsession.”

The single launch will also feature a curated lineup of drag performers, rap artists and experimental punk, with Callander extending an open invitation to kick-on after her set.

In the meantime, check out ‘Oxytoxic’ below. 

Catch RACKETT at Yah Yah’s on Saturday February 8 for her ‘Oxytoxic’ single launch. Grab your tickets and find out more here