Rabbit Hole Festival

Rabbit Hole Festival


Jakubi’s unique flavour stems from an irresistible combination of jangly guitars, hip hop beats and sailing synth rhythms. Flawlessly melding the sounds of a talk box one minute and reggae-inspired guitar the next. The band’s infectious experimental songs are guaranteed to get everyone dancing.

Big Words seamlessly combine hip hop, jazz, soul and R&B. Their carefully planned sets change with every performance, ensuring you will never see the same gig twice.

Mosé + the Fmly‘s combination of big beats and bass, precise samples, infectious synths, and master flows salute their extensive range of influences yet allow them to create something natural and unheard before.

The shimmering sounds of Swim Season will also be on display. A combination of individual talent brought together by a neat and colourful bow; this lively indie pop cohort will have you hungry for more.

Sarah Kabbani is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter/guitarist creating big waves in the music industry. With a flair for acoustic stylings and funky deep house tunes, Kabbani creates a genre of her own, and will surely make a big splash at Rabbit Hole.


Chris Cockburn is a star on the rise; having supported Aussie rockers Darryl Braithwaite, James Reyne and Ross Wilson, Chris now has a loyal group of followers who love grooving along to his party tracks or sitting back and taking in his more relaxed ballads.

Erika Ascenzo draws inspiration from the vocals of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Ascenzo found herself interpreting the echoes of these influential voices and recomposing them over modernised beats with soulful expression.


DJ Sunshine sets are all about ‘fun’. Earning her stripes in a myriad of spaces around town, Sunshine creates a sound that’s truly her own. What gives her the edge is sheer versatility – you’re as likely to hear bleeding-edge techno alongside tech house, house, and disco all in the space of one beer.

DJ Butters has held down many great residencies in Melbourne at venues such as Circus, Revolver, Tramp and Pawn & Co. He’s a regular on the festival circuit having played Strawberry Fields, Earthcore, Summerdayze and Beyond the Valley to name a few. Do not miss his set on Rabbit Hole’s opening night.

The festival will also feature artistic contributions from the likes of Will Southey, Jack Abblitt, Blissabella Baring, Clara Röttger and a host of others.

Being the new kids on the festival scene, Rabbit Hole are keeping things grass-roots and intimate, only releasing 1000 tickets to ensure the best possible event for their guests. The festival’s goal is to create a legacy with foundations based on a unique, relaxed and special atmosphere that has amazing performances and will make patrons excited to come back year after year.

By George Hyde