Who are we chatting to? Moktar and Daniel from Polographia.

When did you start working together? Back in 2010 at our parents places in Menai. We both had a bit of a musical background but producing was very new to us.

What’s you proudest moment? It’s got to be playing a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House re-creating The Avalanches’ Since I left You Album live with Jonti and The Astral Kids. Our parents were also very proud.

And your least proud? When our set cut out supporting Shlohmo. We try to erase that moment from our memories.

What’s the best part about making music? Everything we do in Polographia makes us happy. We get to travel, perform our music and have fun.

What’s the worst? Probably waiting so long to release music.

Why did you start? We were always really interested in making music and thought why not turn our hobbies into something real.

Do you think you’re good at it? We’ve still got a butt load to learn. We’re both perfectionists, so we’re always driving to improve our skills.

Without music, what would you be doing? Probably the same jobs we have now.