Politicians on $200,000 salary mistakenly vote for a racist meme

Politicians on $200,000 salary mistakenly vote for a racist meme


It’s hard to remember a time when our government wasn’t in complete and utter shambles, and the past couple of days certainly don’t inspire confidence in why they’re paid six-figure salaries.

Yesterday, federal senators were discussing a motion put forward by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson in September. The motion was controversial because, if it was passed, it would mean the Senate acknowledges that “it’s okay to be white”. That specific phrase has strong roots in white supremacist groups and was originally created as a meme on American image-sharing website 4chan.

Senators from the Australian Liberal/National government voted in favour of the motion, which caused a massive shitstorm because they were seen as endorsing this racist phrase.

In the end, the motion was voted down by just three votes with the help of Labor and crossbench senators. But here’s the thing: the Liberal/National senators weren’t actually meant to vote for the motion in the first place. They’d made a mistake due to an “administrative process failure” which resulted in them being advised to vote in favour of the motion.

Naturally, politically engaged Aussies haven’t been too welcome of the government’s mistake.

At this point, it might be a good reminder that federal politicians are paid at least $200,000 a year to do their jobs. Ministers or other portfolio holders get an extra amount of money on top of that. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is currently raking in more than half a million dollars. To be fair, Morrison didn’t partake in the vote because he is not a senator.

Next time you screw something up at work, on your presumably less-than-$200,000 salary, try blaming it on an administrative error and see what happens.