Play Dead Theatre presents ‘FESTEN’


Who is Play Dead Theatre? We are a non-for-profit Melbourne-based Theatre company. We seek to entertain whilst also provoking discourse amongst our audience. We are drawn to stories that bring taboo subjects to light, and we use black comedy to allow the stigma associated with them to be broken down.

What is the story of FESTEN? FESTEN is a stage adaptation by David Eldridge of the 1998 Danish film of the same name. It depicts the story of a family ravaged by secrets, twisted accusations, and unbearable wounds. Dark, explosive and powerful, this award-winning play promises to shock and enthral.

Tell us about Play Dead Theatre’s take on FESTEN. Why did you choose to take it on? FESTEN explores the effects child abuse and suicide has on a family and the devastating effects of burying these horrendous secrets. We have partnered with Lifeline Australia and the Blue Knot Foundation, believing our production will be an opportunity to address such taboo issues and promote advocacy for change.

What is it about the venue that makes it so special? Being a site-specific theatre production, we will bring a truly unique experience to Melbourne audiences. The play will be held within the iconic Rippon Lea Estate Ballroom and promises to immerse audiences into the world of the play, making them feel as though they are intruding on this family affair.

What can we expect from the performance? We have successfully assembled a large cast of professional actors, many of whom have performed at the MTC, Australian Ballet, Australian Opera, and The Globe. We pride ourselves on professionalism and the high quality of our productions.