Peninsula Hot Springs expands with Australia’s first ice cave

Peninsula Hot Springs expands with Australia’s first ice cave


There is a huge range of wellness benefits you can gain from bathing in natural hot springs. From increasing your circulation to relieving pain, stress and anxiety, and even helping some skin conditions, it’s a no-brainer – not to mention the fact it just feels really damn good to soak in a hot, outdoor bath.

Now, Melbourne’s favourite hot spring destination, Peninsula Hot Springs, has expanded their offering to include nine new pools, an amphitheatre, a new dining precinct including a market garden, a wellness studio, and Australia’s first ice cave.

So, what the heck is an ice cave? As part of their new ‘Fire and Ice’ experience, bathers can join in on the hot/cold therapy phenomenon of late by first sitting in an ice cave set to -23 degC, trying the ice-cold plunge pool, then steaming in a sauna. It sounds weird, but when we tried it, it was pretty exhilarating. Although, admittedly during a Melbourne winter they barely need the ice cave for the first part. 

The additional hot spring pools in the centre are organised around a new amphitheatre stage, and as we were soaking with champagne in hand, our first thought went to gigs… imagine watching your favourite artist play while you relax in a hot spring pool. It sounds luxurious because it is.