Paint Your Dog – Pet Friendly Event

Paint Your Dog – Pet Friendly Event

They’re everyones best friend, and now it’s time to show them how we really feel!
Grab your favourite furry four-legged friend and let us help you bring their character to life in this very special event.
We can guarantee wagging tales and a few barks of joy!

Join us in our “date with your dog” painting class where our talented instructors will show you how to do you doggo justice with a paintbrush, you are welcome to come with any photo of your pet (even if it’s not a dog) and we will help you.
Cats, birds, rabbits – we love them all!

Couple of important points for our paint your pup sesh:
– you can bring your dog to the National for the class and have your fur baby on hand to model;
– if you don’t have your own pupper, that’s ok too. You can paint someone else’s, or bring a photo of a dog you’d like to paint;
– is your fur baby unlikely to sit still for the session? Don’t worry! We’re expecting that! No dog will need to sit still for the duration of the class – that would be crazy!

Still worried about bringing your dog to the pub? That’s cool – just bring a photo of your furry friend and work from that.
As always, we’ll talk you through the process and show you how step-by-step, as well as supplying all of the necessary materials. We just need you and your dog!

We use a acrylic paints and pencils and provide everything you will need. You don’t have to bring anything – just show up with your buddies or be ready to make some new pals, while having a blast! At the end of class, you’ll take home your own unique masterpiece.