Obelia Waxwing + Hollywood Real Thoughts

Obelia Waxwing + Hollywood Real Thoughts

To celebrate the release of Obelia Waxwing’s debut single, 56K Records, Hollywood Real Thoughts and 2nanas will be banding together for a massive surrealist auditory escapade hosted at the amazing Loop Project Space & Bar.

Featuring live electronic performances from Hollywood Real Thoughts and Obelia Waxwing alongside massive projections and animations from the incredible 2nanas, running from 8pm til close and streaming live all night from 56K Records.

$5 Entry all night.
Merch will be available. Announced soon.

Obelia Waxwing
Formed in the summer of 2019, Australian based electronic duo Obelia Waxwing offer a distinctive pairing of the ethereal vocal harmonies and ominous soundscapes of producer and vocalist Rebecca Williams with the gritty yet lush beats of producer Dermot Seller (​Hollywood Real Thoughts​). Submerging listeners deep into an ocean of fragmented machinery, celestial synths and impending subs, Obelia Waxwing draw influence from the trip hop great’s of the 1990’s (Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork) all the way to the post-club electronic pioneers of the 2010’s (Arca, Andy Stott, Lapalux).

Hollywood Real Thoughts
Known for vast electronic soundscapes expanding everything from ambient and glitch to hip hop and house, Hollywood Real Thoughts is the musical project of Melbourne music producer and DJ Dermot Seller. Since releasing his debut self titled EP in 2014, Hollywood Real Thoughts has gone on to perform frequently around Melbourne; releasing a further 3 EP’s, 4 singles and one full length LP in 2019.

Drawing from early 90’s ambient pioneers Aphex Twin, Seefeel and The Bowery Electric to modern hip hop producers such as Flying Lotus and Clams Casino, Hollywood Real Thoughts has seen regular airplay on Triple J Unearthed, PBS and SYN radio as well as various digital and regional stations, and appearing on lineups at The Gasometer, The Grace Darling, The Evelyn, Mycelium Studios, MPavillion, Ferdydurke, Loop Bar and many others.