None Taken

None Taken


What’s the central premise of your show? My show is mostly about travel, it delves into the time I almost got abducted in Cuba and I use that story to intertwine other personal stories that are equally dark or funny. The basis of the show is primarily how travelling is supposed to be a wonderful thing that consumes your Instagram feed, but on my trip, I had a bizarre and scary experience that left me quite shaken.

Who/what are your biggest influences? I love Daniel Sloss and Iliza Shlesinger. I recently watched Iliza’s special Confirmed Kills on Netflix, I thought it was great. Sloss as well has two specials coming out, which I’m excited for, but some Australian comedians that I love are Rhys Nicolson, Becky Lucas, Ronnie Chieng, Jim Jeffries – the list is endless – but who cares about them, come see my show.

What do you love about performing? I love that I can joke about subject matters that are normally deemed inappropriate in real life – onstage you can unpack it a little more while finding the comedy in it. Also the free drinks are good too.

What’s a fun fact about your show? I promise Cardi B music at some point in the show.

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe? Melbourne Comedy Festival. I also hope to take it to a few other festivals around Australia and New Zealand, Nan’s basement, you know the usual.