N.Y.C.K.’s long-awaited debut album ‘Wild Streak’ is a relatable story of growing up

N.Y.C.K.’s long-awaited debut album ‘Wild Streak’ is a relatable story of growing up

Words By Holly Denison

Strap in, this one’s full of angst.

Melbourne duo, Dominique Garrard and Nicholas Acquroff – better known as N.Y.C.K. – continue to tell relatable stories on their highly anticipated debut album Wild Streak.

Drawing on the cruel yet kind entity that is human nature, the band create dreamlike atmospheres by layering various instruments and effects beneath their harmonies.

The tales told through Wild Streak are brought to life through poetic lyrics and harmonies. Title track ‘Wild Streak’ sets the tone of the album with a narrative about two people on a night out that is derailed by impulses and desires.

We’re left asking ourselves if things getting out of hand makes for a great time or if it should be avoided. This theme of juxtaposing yet relative paths continues throughout the tracklist.

The lyrics carry the weight of the album. ‘Threes’ portrays negatives and positives clashing with one another through the seemingly sweet lyrics, “I’ve been in love with you longer than a lovesick teen”. This notion seems endearing at first, however, it has an underlying tone of young love’s short lifespan.

Other highlights from Wild Streak are ‘June’, a romantic tale; ‘LXE’ a track about supporting friends; ‘All The Birds’, which speaks of travelling and coming home to leave again; and ‘Alive’, a relaxing song that sounds designed for an impromptu dance.

Despite Wild Streak’s themes of hardship and difficulties, the joyful side of the album triumphs. The longer we listen, the more N.Y.C.K. convince us everything’s going to be alright.