Musicians Making A Difference At The Dome

Musicians Making A Difference At The Dome

We know that sound and music helps with healing people, and The Sound Life Dome is especially designed for this purpose: it’s geodesic structure that promotes resonance and clear energy, a contemporary music experience can be offered with an unmatched depth and purity.

Join us for a once in a lifetime night of live bands who are all playing for change in an incredible Dome in the heart of Sydney: Simon and the Human Sound System, Aussa Nova, Papa Fire, Zane Thompson, spoken word poet and MC Marty Bright and sound art of Emanuel Lieberfreund – All under one (dome) roof for one epic event.

The night aims to raise awareness and funds for the inspirational work of A Sound Life which is bringing live music performances to uplift and provide smiles for vulnerable Australians in hospitals around NSW.

With intentions of opening hearts, moving feet, innovating with world music hybrids, to connect people, to transform lives, with honesty and inclusivity, the Band Night at the Dome is set to be a uniquely transformative evening – a night to remember!

6:30 PM – Doors open
7:00 PM – Zane Thompson
7:30 PM – Papa Fire
8:15 PM – Simon & The Human Sound System
9:15 PM – Aussa Nova

Emanuel Lieberfreund will be performing sonic experiences in between sets. Marty Bright will be MCing and also performing spoken word sets in between sets too.

Full Lineup

Simon & The Human Sound System

‘Simon and the Human Sound System’ bring a host of prolific and unique musicians together to form something larger than the sum of their parts: the Human Sound System. Join Simon Jankelson (lead vox), Daniel Romeo (guitar), Alvin Ash (bass), Emanuel Lieberfreund (winds), Maurice Henler (drums) and Mathias Rangel Wulff (percussion) as they perform songs that traverse chasms between Brazilian samba adventures and American cowboy-esque folk, rock and roll nights out with days spent sleeping under the stars reminiscing about past love. Their uplifting poetic songs are sure to bring smiles, open hearts and get feet moving.

Papa Fire

Papa Fire serves up a smorgasboard of fresh music live. Locally-sourced organic vocals and the choicest cuts of six strings nestled in a creamy mash of loop pedal. Papa Fire is proud to harvest rhythms free-range and slaughter mics cruelty-free.

Aussa Nova

Aussa Nova is a music project bringing together diverse influences including Brazilian music, conscious roots reggae, and soulful healing sounds to build a community of musicians making innovative bands and records. For each show, Aussa Nova brings a lineup of 11 artists to present a unique dynamic performance and a cross section of the emerging sub-culture that Aussa Nova represents and is born from. The experience is intended to bring growth to all participants – we hope everyone at the Sound Life Dome will resonate, relax and move with us into a higher place… Viva Aussa Nova!

Zane Thompson

Zane Thompson is a singer songwriter out of Sydney, whose music invites listeners to surreal and other-worldly realms. Tempered by his down to earth nature, Zane imbues his live performances with a depth of emotion that moves audiences. Having played as frontman in Rufflefeather since 2011, Zane cut his teeth playing around the Sydney scene. In 2015 Zane began writing & performing in a solo capacity, satiating his desire to explore more gentle musical territories. This exploration culminated in the release of his debut solo E.P “Guilt Free” in December 2016.

Marty Bright

Marty Bright is a comedian, spoken word artist and MC who has shared his humour, woven wordsmithery and positive vibes around the world on a variety of stages. Whether he is making people laugh with his witty observations, tap their feet with his rhythmic rhymes or pumping up a crowd into a frenzy as an event host Bright is sure to spread some smiles.

Emanuel Lieberfreund

Emanuel Lieberfreund is passionate about the power of music to evoke the sacred as well as to instill everyday life with meaning and joy. He studied classical and jazz flute at the Sydney Conservatorium, and is a seasoned flautist, saxophonist and percussionist in Australia and Asia, in jazz, world music, sacred music, and music for dance therapy, yoga and meditation. His music is also informed by enquiries into hatha and bhakti yoga, Chinese medicine and chi gung, Kabbalah, and 5 Rhythms Dance. He is a member of the Indian/jazz/flamenco fusion band “Shanti Fire”, of the sound healing project “Flowstate”, and of the latin band “Rumba Latina”. His meditative world music album “Atma’s Sphere” has been played on Radio National, Eastside Radio, Northside Radio, Soultraveller Radio and Bondi FM.