Music veteran MJ Halloran discusses his next steps

Music veteran MJ Halloran discusses his next steps

MJ Halloran

You’re a Melbourne music general, having been in the scene for decades. Tell us a bit about MJ Halloran.

Bit of nomad. After working on my material in Melbourne with Brian Hooper, Spencer P. Jones and John Nolan some time back, I moved to New York to do the same with other artists. The last few years, I’ve been working with the guys in the above photo (Steve Boyle, Steve Albini and Tim O’Shannassy) on various albums in Chicago as well as recording and touring in Europe with different ensembles.

What can we expect from your upcoming show at The Tote?

Beautiful and soulful music from three distinct and accomplished three-piece ensembles. Special guest performers will include Light Magnetic featuring Kat Amiss and Boris Sujdovic (The Scientists) and Sheeps featuring Jess McCann and Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (Popolice/Jess Ribeiro). It will be special and a lot of fun!

You’ll be performing some “new improvised works” at the show. What does this entail?

I’m into a more open and organic style of recording and performing right now. With the right connections between people, sounds and ideas, magic can happen. We may start with a glimpse of an idea and just let it ride out with the sensibilities of the people there in that moment.

What’s next for MJ Halloran?

For now, I will continue the path of creating and recording new music with different people in different places. Heading to Berlin soon, then back to NY, then, eventually I will put those collections together for a release and perform them in Melbourne and elsewhere next year.

MJ Halloran performs at The Tote on Thursday November 14. Tickets are $8 on the door.