Mona Foma want to fly you (and 149 of your friends) to next year’s festival

Mona Foma want to fly you (and 149 of your friends) to next year’s festival

Ensuring you have absolutely no excuse not to make it to next year’s festival, Mona Foma has teamed up with Tourism Tasmania to fly one lucky winner to Launceston for the event in their own private plane. Plus, you get to fill the other 149 seats with whoever you want.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mona Foma and Tourism Tasmania are giving away return flights for 150 punters on the Air Mofo Boeing 737, worth a casual $99K – the biggest prize in Tasmanian festival history – and you don’t have to do much to go in the running.

In fact, all you need to do to make the plane yours is find it. The purple and yellow Air Mofo party plane is hiding somewhere on Mona Foma’s virtual map of Tasmania and the first person to find it wins. In addition to free return flights to the festival and back from Sydney or Melbourne, you and your passengers will all receive a Festival Pass – so prepare to be very popular if you win.

Invite your friends, family, neighbours… Hell, invite your neighbour’s mum’s hairdresser, you’ve got 149 seats to fill.

Curator of Mona Foma, Brian Ritchie says, “In the modern world most of us can count our friends on the fingers of both hands. So you’ll need 30 hands if you’re gonna fill up your winning Air Mofo flight by finding the location of our Air Mofo jet. It’s located somewhere in Tasmania but not somewhere that starts with A, B or Z.”

The Air Mofo website launches today, with plenty of clues to help you spot the party plane. The winner will be announced on October 15 and will have one month to decide which of their 149 nearest and dearest will be joining them on the flight.

You have from October 10 until October 14 to find the Air Mofo plane, look for it here