Misfits drummer Joey Image dies, aged 63

Misfits drummer Joey Image dies, aged 63

He will be sorely missed.

Former Misfits drummer Joey Image has passed away, aged 63. He was a member of revered horror punks for only a fleeting moment but made his presence known during his time with the band, featuring on the band’s Horror Business and Beware EPs as well as their single ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

The drummer left the New Jersey outfit in December 1979 following a turbulent tour with The Damned where they played only two shows alongside the band before telling them to “fuck off!”. Misfits were cursed by disorder during this period as they wielded their independent axe – as corporatisation took over, many punk bands were succumbing to the feverish major labels above them.

Following his time as a member of Misfits, Image went onto to forge a successful career in music, spending time in bands such as Psycho Daisies, The Strap-Ons, Evil Doers, Jersey Trash, The Bell Ringers, Human Buffet, The Hooples. Between 2000 and 2002, he was the drummer of The Undead.

In 2017, a GoFundMe was created to raise money for Joey Image, who had been diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016. According to the fundraiser, Image was a potential candidate for a liver transplant and had seeked treatment from the University of Miami.

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