Mijo Biscan on how a series of life-changing events gave way to his new album, ‘Golden Moment’

Mijo Biscan on how a series of life-changing events gave way to his new album, ‘Golden Moment’

For those who aren’t across your music, how would you describe ­­Mijo Biscan in under 40 words?

Existential alternative rock? My music is not so much about ‘me’ and my story, it’s more of an exploration of ideas and concepts of experiences I’m having. Songwriting is my way of trying to understand the world and sharing that musically with others.

Tell us about your new album, Golden Moment.

Many life-changing events inspired the songs on Golden Moment. A month-long solo songwriting journey to Iceland, the death of a close friend, the finding of new love, the rebirth of a prolific creative life. It’s about taking life’s events and extracting the gold.

How would you describe your sound?

Alive. The live performance of musicians, together on live instruments is an important part of making music for me. I love the magic that comes from the interaction, interplay, input of other musical beings in real time.

What can we expect from your upcoming album launch at Northcote Social Club?

The full band with several special cameos are going to make for a theatrical and enlivening show – it’s where the album will come to life. Georgia Fields will be kicking things off in her uniquely powerful and lush way, too.

What’s next for Mijo Biscan?

I’ll be touring the album throughout Australia and all over Europe. I’d like to take the positive message of the album to more people who want to take a deeper look at life, expand and evolve. Now more than ever, the world needs that.

Mijo Biscan will launch his new album Golden Moment at Northcote Social Club on Sunday February 9. Grab your tickets here.