Middle Kids’ new mini-album is their most focused effort yet

Middle Kids’ new mini-album is their most focused effort yet

Words by Rhys McKenzie

This emerging three-piece are on a roll.

Three-piece indie rock band Middle Kids have produced their fair share of releases since 2017, with their last release being the stunning 2018 LP, Lost Friends. So how does this EP fit amongst their repertoire?

New Songs for Old Problems fits like a glove to the Sydney band. They find themselves as consistent as ever, maintaining delicate but immersive production across the six-track mini-album. Songwriting finesse is something we find more and more with the production-focused bands of this age and Middle Kids exercise their dexterity to great effect, with songs, ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Needle’ at the top.

They continue their evolution as storytellers – ‘Salt Eyes’, along with the aforementioned singles, are particularly interesting as they highlight Hannah Joy’s relevant and blue lyrics about misery and it’s baggage. Marrying these lyrics to a driving alt rock sound is a known strategy for congeniality, but Middle Kids make it work, with Joy’s solid vocals the perfect accompaniment to each track.

There is a presence of growing and blissful musicianship on this release; Middle Kids fans should be pleased.