MHP: Folding City

MHP: Folding City

MHP (aka Ma Hai Ping) is a world-renowned award winning Chinese electronic musician who hit the decks composing electronic and techno music 18 years ago forging a new path for the genre in China. Exhilarating live performances and successful album releases paved the way for him to become a highly respected independent musician in China and now he is returning to Melbourne to bring the party.

His vinyl release The Chinese Connection (Cratesavers International) made him the first Chinese Techno artist to release records in Detroit – the birthplace of Techno – and his album Folding Traces has laid the foundations for an irreplaceable personal style.

In addition to electronic dance music, MHP is also active in the contemporary Chinese art scene. His theatre work Folding City was selected by Shanghai International Art Festival and performed in the RAWLand program, 2016. He has also collaborated with incredible Chinese contemporary artists including Xu Bing, Cao Fei, Yang Yongliang, famous writer and The Hugo Award for Science Fiction winner Hao Jingfang, and famous musician Zhu Zheqing. His cross-over works are exhibited at the New York Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Berlin Architecture Art Center and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

This exclusive Melbourne performance will also feature special guest Mindy Meng Wang.

The Toff In Town is wheelchair accessible venue.

Vanity Fair Enough and MHP: Folding City are a Double Bill.

This event is affiliated with the Companion Card initiative.

MHP: Folding City is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019.

Folding City was commissioned and funded by the Rising Artists’ Works of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

Featured image: MHP. Photo by HAHA.