OPA! Greek night at the Spotted Mallard in Brunswick with MEYHANE and PASKALIA plus DJ RANDY LIPZ XXX.

Meyhane plays traditional music in its purest and most authentic form from the Balkans, Anatolia and the Eastern Mediterranean. Their instruments date back hundreds of years and their music is lovingly researched and played by musicians with an undying passion for authenticity. The unique style and wide repertoire gives Meyhane’s music a range of qualities, lively dance tunes which contrast against their more expressive, emotional pieces.

Paskalia & Apollonia started playing together mid 2019, in the all female Rembetiko Trio Bandidas. They have sincedone multiple shows together in Melbourne & Sydney in various combinations. They team with members of Meyhane to play a series of songs they love from the repertoire of Rosa, Rita, Sotiria, Mittaki, Kavouras and more. Tales of love, hardship, pain, struggle and migration.

DJ Randy Lipz XXX further explores the rich and soulful repertoire presented by Meyhane and Paskalia. Be prepared to explore the exotic, the rhythmic and above all, the dance!!