For the past four decades, Japan’s noise sound artist Merzbow has reigned supreme as the undisputed king of noise. Merzbow, the brainchild of avant-garde musician and writer Masami Akita, is influenced by early 20th century art movements Dada and Surrealism and in particular Swiss Dada artist and poet Kurt Schwitters. A prolific creator – he has released hundreds of recordings in a range of musical styles – he has collaborated with musicians from around the globe in a rich and varied career characterised by inventiveness.

Live, Merzbow’s sonic works are all consuming; he creates a uniquely physical sound world within which the bodies of his audience are entirely consumed. To describe it as a wall of noise is to understate the experience, Merzbow’s performances generate a universe of noise, infinitely deep, infinitely complex and one that produces profound overstimulation across all spectra of experience, resulting in a euphoria unlike anything else you might hope to experience.

At The SUBSTATION he is joined by the formidable composer and low frequency cultivator Cat Hope, a Melbourne-based noise, installation and performance artist and founding member of noise duo Lux Mammoth.

Presented by The SUBSTATION and ROOM40.