Melbourne Fringe Festival: Netsuke & Inrō

Melbourne Fringe Festival: Netsuke & Inrō

Not sure about opera? This suggestive new work is sure to whet your appetite.

Combining elements of Japanese noh and kabuki with Italian opera, Netsuke and Inrō follows the story of the impoverished samurai Gorō; his debauchery consumed his life and passion eroded his soul.

In the pleasure district of 吉原 (Yoshiwara) in Japan’s capital of Tokyo, Gorō makes a final visit to his favourite ‘teahouse’ of dubious reputation using money that was meant to be set aside for his daughter. There he meets a handsome American trader named Mr Jenkins who takes an interest in a small ivory lion and lacquered box suspended from Gorō’s sash. The netsuke carving and lacquered inrō inspires obsession for the American trader as Gorō is distracted by his own desires.

The work features an authentic hand-carved noh mask and an antique netsuke and inrō set crafted by skilled artisans in Japan.

Join Victoria’s finest young operatic talents as they come together forces for a thrilling evening of original Australian opera in St Kilda.

This project is amplified by Michael Watt and Cecilie Hall as part of Melbourne Fringe’s ShowSupport.

Scott A. Aschauer – Composer/Tenor

Estelita Rae – Violin

Amough Ananth – Violin

Ben Nicholson – Cello