Melbourne Collage Now

Melbourne Collage Now

Melbourne Collage Now is a survey of contemporary collage by members of the Melbourne Collage Assembly, a group of artists who predominantly work with collage and assemblage.
From Picasso to Rosenquist to the DIY album art of Punk icons, collage’s influence has been present in many Twentieth Century art movements and subcultures. Yet despite its use from Cubism to Post Modernism, it remains a subversive art form often overlooked.

These artists source materials through a process of chance discovery and the obsessive collecting of print ephemera. Working with mainly analog techniques they each apply different approaches to the possibilities of the collage medium providing a unique insight into the local collage scene.

Featuring Works by The Melbourne Collage Assembly Artists:

Aaron Ashwood
Morgan Campbell
Simone Esterhuizen
Mel Lineham
Aylsa McHugh
Lee McKenna
Kieran Madden
Max Malone

OPENING NIGHT: 20 March 6pm-9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 20.03.20- 3.04.20