LOV3SICK’s latest release deals with life’s greatest challenges

Words by Christine Tsimbis

Dark wave is about to get a whole lot more enticing, with Melbourne-based rockers LOV3SICK releasing their first ever single, ‘One More Time’, which explores an individual’s struggle in battling their own inner demons.

Dark wave is a combination of new wave and post-punk genres, but LOV3SICK’s musical inspirations include The Cure, Joy Division and Placebo. A video clip will accompany the single release – a big step for a band that was only formed in November 2018.

“The drummer Danny [Mulheron] and I had played together in previous bands back in 2016,” says LOV3SICK frontwoman and bassist Lauren Santalucia. “I had written some songs in May last year, and thought that I would love to work with Danny again since we always had great chemistry when we were onstage.”

‘One More Time’ is part of a larger concept EP which will be released later this year. The tracks revolve around an individual who questions their own existence, as they begin to recover after hitting the lowest stage in their life.

“The EP goes through different stages and headspaces that someone might experience when they begin to overthink and overanalyse a situation,” Santalucia explains.

“I had all these ideas in my mind and I knew that I needed to access the darker corners of my mind to really create something unique. Sometimes the most difficult situations can bring inspiration and that’s what happened with this EP.”

Santalucia is fascinated with topics such as existentialism and philosophy, since they encourage her to search for deeper meaning in life. She also draws inspiration from her own personal experiences.

“We chose ‘One More Time’ as the first single because it’s an upbeat melodic track which serves as a great beginning of the story. Most of us go through different stages of our lives where we make mistakes and have regrets, and this track radiates hope that we can fix them in some way. It’s a process of rebuilding your identity by facing your own mental struggles.”

The musical process of the band is quite simple: Santalucia usually experiments with an idea on her bass or acoustic guitar at home, creating some verses and a chorus. She’ll then record her creation and bring it to the next band rehearsal.

“We work so well together because we just understand what each other is thinking,” Santalucia says. “I think that’s why it’s so important to have musical chemistry with the people you create music with.”

Santalucia also draws songwriting inspiration from artists such as Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

“The way they write really draws me in – they have a way with words that is so intellectual yet emotionally driven. They also have distinctive vocals that resonate with me and inspire my own musical process.”

The music video behind ‘One More Time’ took two days for the band to create. They chose Fitzroy as the location due to the eclectic vibe of the area.

“We spent one day shooting the band in this quirky little bookshop that had the perfect vibe we were after,” Santalucia says. “I wanted a bookshop in video as it signifies the first chapter of the concept EP, but it’s also filled with metaphors for the smaller story within the video.

“It was great fun and we were lucky that we had so many amazing people, such as the actors and crew, who helped us to create the final outcome. We really look forward to seeing how people respond to our music.”

LOV3SICK’s new single, ‘One More Time’, is out now. Check it out on streaming services.