Louis Theroux’s ‘Love Without Limits’ is hitting Australian cinemas

Louis Theroux’s ‘Love Without Limits’ is hitting Australian cinemas


Beloved documentary-maker Louis Theroux will visit Aussie cinemas in spirit, with the Australian debut of his latest effort Love Without Limits set to hit the big screen next month. 

The film is part of Theroux’s new series of docos Altered States, which explore birth, love and death in modern America. Love Without Limits takes a close look at polyamory – the practice or desire of having multiple relationships with intimate partners at one time – by visiting the heart of the movement in Portland.

Theroux inserts himself within families who have adopted polyamory into their relationships, exploring the ways in which it can make or break the bonds between partners. Being that the screenings will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Theroux’s series Weird Weekends, the acclaimed documentary-maker will host a bonus feature looking back on the defining moments of his career.

“It’s a huge pleasure to present Love Without Limits on Australian screens,” says Theroux. “It seems appropriate, on the 20th anniversary of Weird Weekends, that it is a documentary that relies upon a more participatory and slightly more comical style of storytelling than some of my other recent offerings. Among its pleasures is my toe-curling involvement at a “sensual eating workshop”. I will never look at whipped cream in quite the same way. Viewers can also expect a clear-eyed and unblinkered look at the upsides, the downsides, and maybe even some of the backsides of the lifestyle known as polyamory.”

Check out the trailer for Love Without Limits below: