LIVE STREAM – ‘Freedom’ with Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir

LIVE STREAM – ‘Freedom’ with Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir

DJ Sunshine has been an institution within an institution. She’s been spinning at Melbourne’s infamous Revolver for donkey’s years and now extended her hand to Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir.

In the 21 years Sunshine has lived in Melbourne she’s spent 19 of them at Revolver and more time there than any house she’s lived in. She was brought up to do what she loves and that’s music. She doesn’t like fake people and she reckon’s being herself is the best way is to live.

DJ Sunshine and The Disco Faith Choir focus on making the dance floor rejoice.

They like Harlem Gospel Choir, The Staple Sisters, Robert Hood, Floorplan, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ann Sexton, Nick Curly

Make a bit of room in front of the TV, in front of your computer, or strap your iPhone on; turn it up loud and get ready to move and move!