Leisure Centre : Mind Full


Playing outside traditional song structure and sound, each track marks its own unique sound while still comfortably sitting within the themes of the album.

‘‘You Don’t Want to Be with Me’, opens the album, with a flurry of voices repeating the song title behind a spacey synth and a Rolodex of instrumental licks. Leisure Centre’s sound plays into ‘90s arcade game music with introspective lyricism placed seamlessly atop.

‘Something Better’is a chill five-minute track that will subdue your thoughts between the hypnotic bass line and soothing piano lick that rings out at just the right moments. Despite the dynamic nature of each track, some elements do get repetitive and played out at times.

Mind Full is a smooth flowing album for lovers of alternative R&B. Amongst all the fun elements leaks a touch of character that attaches an endearing feeling to a unique take on the genre.