Kids Against The Right Wing Brainwash

Kids Against The Right Wing Brainwash

If you’re needing an antidote to the conservative polarising attitudes currently around join the Kids Against The Right Wing Brainwash!

Music + art
Paskalia and Kitty San Pedro

Playing Rebetika aka “greek urban blues as sung by the female singers of the era. Songs of love, addiction, exile, unemployment, poverty, death. A few anti – love song dedications and feminist leaning attitudes have ruffled some people which only encouraged them to not just play music about it but to make it into art as well.

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The Maltese Well Monster

“Curse ov Dialect emcee and producer Raceless FKA Raceless The Prophet AKA Il-Belligha AKA The Filfla Lizard has added yet another nom de plume to his ever-growing cast of characters: The Maltese Well Monster. Legend has it, said Maltese Well Monster/Il-Belliegha—a pivotal part of centuries-old Maltese folklore—was supposedly, “a monster that lives in well and could pull in children who looked into them.” Raceless himself, however, tells the story a bit something like this: “The Maltese Well Monster was born after a trip to Malta from Curse ov Dialect member Raceless, [whose] father is from this background… the myths of Malta run very deep into a well… some instrumental tracks that conjure these images and some vocal tracks with a Gollum-like rapping voice from the monster… heavy sampology”