KAIJU! Beer are hosting a treasure hunt that could earn you a year’s supply of booze

KAIJU! Beer are hosting a treasure hunt that could earn you a year’s supply of booze

Because there’s no treasure better than free beer.

For everyone out there who has been sipping their way through iso, sneaky trips to the bottleshop have probably become a pretty concrete part of your routine for the past six months.

Whether you needed something to get you through the hump-day slump, you were celebrating your housemate’s iso-birthday, or you just had to stock up your esky for some lonesome backyard hangs, bottleshops staying open has been 2020’s saving grace.

Dreamt up by the legends and connoisseurs of all things tasty and exciting, KAIJU! Beer are helping make those trips to the shops even more exciting with the launch of a pretty clever treasure hunt.

Dubbed the KAIJU! KOIN HUNT, the fun-loving brewers have commissioned the minting of genuine alloy KAIJU! Koins which have been hidden inside random six-packs of KAIJU Krush! These were then shipped all over the country, ensuring beer lovers everywhere could get a slice of the action.

Beer lovers that find a gold KAIJU! Koin will win ‘AYEAR OF BEER’ – equating to one case of KAIJU Krush Tropical Pale Ale delivered to their door every month for an entire year! There are just seven of these precious golden coins to be found.

Knowing it’s no simple task, with an impeding summer and high demand for the tasty amber nectar, the team have also hidden a bonus 13 ‘Silver Koins’ that will get beer lovers two cases of KAIJU! Krush Tropical Pale Ale. That’s not bad, not bad at all.

KAIJU! KRUSH is a tropical pale ale that boasts a super-clean malt profile, allowing for a shipload of juicy fruit flavours to shore upon the desert island of your palate unhindered. Fresh and moreish, KAIJU! Krush is a drop 100 per cent worth taking on this challenge.

I mean, free beer for a year? Just try and keep us away from the bottleshops.

You can find KAIJU! Krush at your local bottle shop or head to www.kaijubeer.com.au for stockists. Stay up to date with the hunt at @kaijubeer.

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