Just A Number

Just A Number

They have a sound built around strong melodic vocal lines and harmonies, supported by high-energetic rock arrangements. They are versatile in sound, experimenting with traditional and modern structures. They are influenced by a variety of artists/genres (“Foals”, “IDLES”, & “Interpol”).
They have released a single in the beginning of 2020. To celebrate, they will then launch themselves into an east coast tour hitting Brisbane first, followed by Melbourne.

Fresh from touring their latest single ‘Behind Closed Doors’, Foxymoron are keen to crack a few cold ones to celebrate. Known for their sharp songwriting, sarcasm and cynicism, these indie-rock morons are foxy as ever.

Dreams Of Indigo
Dreams of Indigo are a Gold Coast trio that fuse guitar, cello and drums to create a haunting and uplifting aural palette.
We weave music that speaks to the earth and the embers in every soul. We play for the passion of the people, the connection of the crowd – with the knowledge that every song heals, beat by beat and note by note.

Hey Danger
Delivers a sound reminiscent of The Strokes, Tame Impala, and Last Dinosaurs. These influences are deeply engrained in their new single ‘Daze’; showcasing driving bass-lines, sweeping guitar tracks and heavy drums that will make you melt away.