Joe Terror’s lyrical prowess shines on his stripped-back new album, ‘Songs to Track Down to’

Joe Terror’s lyrical prowess shines on his stripped-back new album, ‘Songs to Track Down to’

Photo by Thomas Condie

Written and recorded in lockdown, the record sees simple musings shaped into a stunning collection of songs.

It’s been a tumultuous year, but that hasn’t stalled Jayden Hebbard’s creativity. Following on from March’s World Built of U,  Songs to Track Down to marks the Grafton-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter’s second LP release of 2020 under his solo moniker, Joe Terror.

Written and recorded within his Brunswick home studio during the first Melbourne lockdown, the album was built around a simple concept: ‘If we don’t grip the things we love, we may never track them down again’.

The gentle acoustic strums and quivering vocal vibrato of ‘Honey Baby’ open the album, offering a stark contrast to the soul-tinged unhinged rock and experimental pop-folk offerings of his previous releases.

Instead, Songs to Track Down to is rooted in minimalistic melodies and refined instrumentation, allowing Hebbard’s lyrical prowess to truly shine.

From the near-spoken word, Bob Dylan-like storytelling of ‘The Plot Thickens’ to the heart-wrenching, raw depiction of love’s highs and lows on ‘What I’ve Given You Have Snatched’, the record is a vulnerable display of the inner-workings of the heart and mind.

Poetic and utterly affecting, Songs to Track Down to will leave you with goosebumps.

Listen to Joe Terror’s new album below.

Songs to Track Down to is out now. For more from Joe terror, visit his Spotify or Facebook page.  

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