Jesse Witney

Jesse Witney

Wesley Anne

Audiences dance when they hear the rhythms of Jesse Witney’s unique blend of Soul, Brazilian and Roots music.

‘The System’ is the first single from his upcoming full length multilingual album ‘Animal Cities’, which was recorded in Brazil and Australia. An exciting return, Witney’s soulful voice captures the hearts of audiences around the world, from places like Berlin, Rio and Hawaii. Refined brass arrangements decorate the passionate voice of this singer-songwriter devoted to the power of music for political transformation.

“I am inspired by the Spanish revolution that took place in the 1930’s, when workers took back the power, establishing their own self governing, anti-capitalist regime.”

‘The System’, highlights the immediate need for systemic change, to establish a more equitable society amidst our global climate crisis. Jesse is a rare gem in the Australian music industry who has written songs in English, and Portuguese with collaborators from all over the world, and recently recorded his first full length album in Rio and Melbourne thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign.

Performing with a full band on the 27th of March featuring Darcy McNulty (Saxophones), Nic Ryan Glenie (Keys & Trumpet), Evan Tweedie (Bass Guitar) & Michael Boase (Drums & Percussion).

Joining him on the night is Neeko, an understated rhythmic butterfly, whose melodic vocal ease floats on lush harmony and smooth percussion beds.