Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers

The Ellington Jazz Club

Homegrown jazz luminary and winner of the World Saxophone Competition, Jamie Oehlers launches his new album with this all star band.

Night Music draws inspiration from the hours between dusk and dawn. Some of the song titles speak for themselves; we’ve all encountered the “Sleep Thief”, the one who invades our thoughts and keeps the mind ticking as the hours keep progressing; “Alter Ego” captures the essence of those who turn into someone else when the drinks are flowing and sun is down; and “Sage” mirrors those profound conversations that flow when the rest of the world is asleep. The music contains the twists and turns expected from Oehlers – from the gentle, hypnotic ballad “Soma”, to the angular yet incessantly rhythmic “The Uncanny”.

This performance is the final night of a 10-day Australian tour for the band, so this will be your chance to hear the band at its absolute best!

Jamie Oehlers – Saxophone
Ricki Malet – Trumpet
Harry Mitchell – Piano
Zac Grafton – Bass
Ben Vanderwal – Drums