Itching for new music? Here’s five ways to track down fresh electronic beats

Itching for new music? Here’s five ways to track down fresh electronic beats

Words by Sam Howard

Look no further.

Finding new tracks is, for most of us, a legitimate addiction. Across various internet platforms, there are local and international heroes who aren’t keeping these hidden gems to themselves. Here are five solid sources for finding your next favourite electronic tracks.

Dart Break Tunes

Dart Break Tunes is an Australian Facebook group created for the sole purpose of allowing DJs to take a piss or dart break mid-set. It started between two DJs, Greetings and Bosco, as a place for people to share extended tracks with a minimum criterion of nine minutes in length. Thanks to this group, anyone behind the decks can safely leave the tunes spinning during those moments where you’re (as Greetings says), “thirstin for a dartini or pondering pissing yourself”. 

Another Techno Group

Possibly one of the most active techno electronic groups in Australia, Another Techno Group is a haven for techno-heads to share their ultimate favourite tunes and sets, discuss techno drama, and post new releases to get an extra ear or two for an outside opinion.

Identification of Music (IOM) Group

If you’re a music lover, there is no doubt Shazam is one of your best friends. But sometimes Shazam can fail – and it can seem like all hope is lost. The Identification of Music group can beat the machine. If you’re ever listening to an electronic track and don’t know its track ID, just chuck a post in this group. People from all around the world make someone’s day by very quickly informing the group of the track’s source in real time. 


Slav has long been a solid source of electronic tunes, with a presence across many platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, Soundcloud, YouTube and Mixcloud. The group is a place for people to “kick back and exchange quality music with fellow house enthusiasts” and has a deeper house genre focus, favouring funk, jazz and disco house, plus groovy and raw lo-fi. The YouTube channel is a hand-picked selection of tunes from the admins which fall within the above-mentioned umbrella of house music.

Butter ‘Share’ Sessions

Homegrown heroes, Kikos and Syawish of Butter Sessions have always been a quality source of music for the electronic scene in Australia. Their tune sharing started with a blog, then moved into a Butter Mix series which has featured more than 60 volumes of mixes from Australia’s top electronic artists. Now, they have a collaborative Facebook group where music lovers can share the very best in leftfield electronic.