Is smashed peas the new smashed avo?

It's the new foodie phenom taking over Melbourne.

Avocado on toast. Smavo. Smashed avocado. The millennial mash. Whatever moniker you give it, you’ve probably consumed enough of it to have made terrible jokes surrounding its detriment to your savings account. *Nods aggressively*. In fact, you’re probably eating it right now, smudging a stray piece of feta across this very page. Sure, you and smashed av have had a good run, but there’s only so much Insta story mileage this plate can offer. Truth be told, you can make it at home for a fiver but consistently purchase it for anything upwards of $15 across Melbourne due to the famed GST and pomegranate bling. So, what’s one to do in a sm’av malaise? Let’s get you acquainted with the smashed peas zeitgeist. It’s still green, still all smooth and delicious, but debatably tastier and far more eccentric than your traditional serve of avo. You know what they say – sitting under a plate swathed in smashed peas is what’s required to get over smashed avo. Here’s three dishes at stalwart brunching institutions that are rallying behind the new guard of smash.

If you’re ready for sm’avo retirement, immediately re-route the Uber to Young Bloods Diner in Fitzroy. Their Messy Peas is the insatiable reprieve you’re in desperate need of. Think a slab of multigrain smothered in smashed, riotously tasty peas and poached eggs. If that isn’t enough, a cloud of buffalo mozzarella will be studded with mint, watercress, prosciutto (a pea’s best friend) and lime to seal the deal. With brekky being frisbee’d here all day long, you can emerge as late as you want on a Sunday and still snag a phenomenal bite.

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Only a rare breed of Melbourne brunch-enthusiasts haven’t been to Left Field. And if that’s you, consider this some serious incentive. LF’s Smashed Peas is at a celebrity level of iconic, with many punters making the inaugural retreat from avo behind these Carnegie doors. This smash sits atop a bed of rye and comes doused in pickled beetroot, fresh basil, mint and pesto. Typically Left Field-ish in its propensity to have more ingredients than you can count on two hands, there’s also dollops of hummus, Kaiser bacon, fried egg, kale and their quintessential walnut dukkah. This is your call to action.

You’ve stalked the socials and queued in anticipation behind the overflowing doors at Tinker, Northcote. Touted as a thoroughly nourishing menu, it’s no surprise that you can Command + F ‘peas’ during your pre-visit online stalk and find a hunger-inducing result: The Smashed Peas with pan-fried Haloumi. This plate is brushed in a neon stripe of beetroot labne, sprinkled with black quinoa and topped with poached eggs, crispy bacon, feta and lemon juice on sourdough. Come hungry and open-minded.

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