Introducing ‘The Nightline Project’, the frightening new audio experience coming to Melbourne

Introducing ‘The Nightline Project’, the frightening new audio experience coming to Melbourne

Image by Sarah Walker
Words by Tom Parker

The project is seeking over 150 people to call an anonymous number after-hours and leave voice messages to explain their thoughts.

The Nightline Project is the spooky new audio experience asking those who find themselves awake at night to provide a snapshot of their thoughts and experiences during the latent hours of the day.

For those keen to get involved, all they need to do is call 0457 910 843 between the hours of midnight and 6am and leave a voice message that captures the thoughts, feelings and emotions you’re experiencing during this time. You can also record a voice memo and text the audio to the same number.

“We’re keen to hear from anyone during the early hours of the morning – insomniacs, dreamers or shift workers across many industries: healthcare, emergency services, carers, gamers, cleaners, taxi drivers as well as people in logistics, hospitality or security,” The Nightline Project curator Roslyn Oades says.

“We want to hear the voices from all night owls – it can be a quick rant, secret confession, discreet experience, simple reflection or beautiful memory. Some of our recordings have featured parents singing a lullaby to their waking child or people sharing their dreams and desires.”

You can leave as many voice messages as you like, as long as they are recorded during the midnight to 6am time bracket. The provided late-night recordings will then be compiled into a haunting audio installation experience set to be showcased at events across Australia, and more locally at Melbourne’s RISING festival going down in May 2021.

Find out more about The Nightline Project here.

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