Inside Underground Winemakers’ unconventional process

Inside Underground Winemakers’ unconventional process

Underground Winemakers

Underground Winemakers has earned a reputation for its subversive approach to winemaking. What is the philosophy behind what you do?

Ultimately we are driven by the sheer joy of making wine and the experiences it offers. It is about taking opportunities and finding new ways to express the potential that the grape offers. Having said that, our subversive side drives us to dispense with much of the guff and exclusivity, encouraging the drinker of our wines to find their own expression.

Why is your method better than more conventional winemaking practices?

We combine risk taking with a paranoid focus on every stage of the winemaking process.  Looking after the little things means we have more flexibility with the big stuff.

What is your most popular wine and why is it so?

That’s easy, our Pinot Noir. It is a very unforgiving wine to make, but when it all comes together… We have two Pinots, the Underground label and San Pietro which is our second brand. The credit for these wines must go to the soils and climate of the Mornington Peninsula.

Are there any new wines you are trialling coming into summer?

We will release a new vintage of Shiraz made here at Underground from Heathcote grapes.  Am also quietly confident the next vintage of Pinot Noir will be something special.

Why is the Mornington Peninsula such a hotspot for wineries?

Put simply, the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful place combined with a terroir suited to cool climate winemaking. Being so close to Melbourne, it is an obvious destination for a day trip, or a stay.

Underground Winemakers is located at 1282 Nepean Hwy, Mt Eliza, with the cellar door open 10am – 5pm seven days. Get in touch on 9775 4185 or head to the website if you are after something special.