Inside the high-tech facilities of Christopher Sprake Productions

Inside the high-tech facilities of Christopher Sprake Productions

Tell us about your state-of-the-art recording and production facilities for musicians.

I use high-end analog equipment and microphones for recording, offering digital and analog mixing and mastering. It’s a best-of-both-worlds approach.

For those who aren’t across the technical side, what’s important about recording, mixing and mastering songs professionally?

Recording and producing in a treated environment, along using standard equipment, consistently ensures high quality projects before broadcast. Trusting a producer, and their equipment, lets the artist focus on their performance, which is what will engage the audience.

What music equipment do you have at your disposal?

The studio centres around a mixing desk, serviced by high-end outboard and preamps, compressors, and a variety of vintage microphones. Conversion through an Antelope Audio Orion. Also, electric and acoustic guitars, an upright piano, amps, keyboards, percussion and virtual instruments, and plugins.

Who have you worked with in the past and how have they benefited from your services?

Robert K Champion’s album 1977 became Radio Adelaide’s album of the week. I’ve worked with Steve Roach for a long time, our first album together got him signed to an American label. As a community music advocate, I worked with Nu Regime who won a grant for their single addressing domestic violence.

What’s the next step for Christopher Sprake Productions when it comes to recording and production?

I’m always looking for the best way to showcase an artist to the world. Continuing to explore production styles, and how they highlight the artist, excites me.

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