Immigrant Union @ 1000 £ Bend


Main support were dream pop favourites Lowtide, who played beautifully, but were completely let down by the reverb in the venue. Their shoegaze echo was drowned out by the room ambience, making it difficult to tune in and appreciate. However, the crowd absolutely loved it.

Immigrant Union took the stage with a hazy instrumental piece before tumbling into Lake Mokoan, which quickly warmed up the crowd. Unfortunately, the vocals in Shameless were rendered fuzzy by the room acoustics, but the keyboard was perfectly clear and saved this dreamy song. This moment was a sure highlight; the cloud video projections on the backstage wall were a lovely match for the melody. The intro of Wake Up and Cry got the crowd cheering, and I couldn’t help but feel this song would be perfect in the final scene of Cruel Intentions, as there is a real late-‘90s/ early-‘00s nostalgic feel to the entire thing.

The band proceeded to smash through a few more tracks from the new album Anyway, with the stand outs being In Time, which featured Brent DeBoer’s fantastic harmonica playing, and War is Peace, a really fun track that was a bit more up-tempo than the rest of the show.

I’ve got to be honest; I’ve liked these guys since their inception and I love the new album, but I’d prefer to be listening to them while lying on my bed and counting the stars on the ceiling than in a room where the acoustics make my head feel like mud. But I still fucking loved it, and the punters did too.


Loved: Peter Lubulwa’s keyboard perfection.

Hated: The acoustics.

Drank: Wine. Both colours.