If you’re a fan of King Gizzard and ’90s punk, you’ll love Sydney five-piece BALKO

If you’re a fan of King Gizzard and ’90s punk, you’ll love Sydney five-piece BALKO


When did BALKO first come together and what led you guys there?

The universe was introduced to BALKO back in 2014, we had five members back then and made a whole different world of music. We wanted to create something different but also something classic.

Tell us about your upcoming new EP, DED. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

DED is a bit of a young beast, all the songs off the EP were written and jammed-on about four months ago. We had a long hiatus, returned, and somehow pushed out a fair amount of heaviness in our music.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

We love many varieties of music throughout history and the world. I guess it really just reflects the sound of the guitar, bass and drum, moulding together in a hot sticky mess of sonic exploration and red raw energy. Loud and quiet, fast and slow.

Any artists or bands stand out as particular influences for the band?

We are big fans of King Gizzard, ‘90s rock and punk, and lovers of all things prog –  yes, Tool. Our drummer is a Tower of Power dude.

What can we expect from your upcoming show with S.P Twin at Old Bar?

Colossal bass riffs delivered by our enchanting enchanter, sharp snappy rhythms and beats from the octopus out back, screeching squawking howls from the man of six strings. Also, prepare to get your ears blasted with beauty from the cosmic fuzz of S.P Twin. Should be a fun night.

Catch BALKO at The Old Bar on Friday August 23 from 5pm, free entry. Their EP DED is out soon, stay in the loop via BALKO’s socials and Bandcamp.