House Deposit’s ‘Reward for Effort’ is one of the best Melbourne albums of the year

House Deposit’s ‘Reward for Effort’ is one of the best Melbourne albums of the year

Words By Tom Parker

Sit back and escape with House Deposits ‘Reward For Effort’. 

Harnessing the jangle-pop splendours of The Goon Sax, Chook Race, Twerps and others who have gone before them, local faves House Deposit have delivered a splendidly honest debut record, Reward for Effort.

Largely sunny on top, there’s a poignancy and actuality underneath that juxtaposes the oft-uncontrived jangle-pop handbook of bygone times. House Deposit champion the hurt of the past year to deliver something real and sudden.

Sure, the album has its wily moments – like on ‘Ikea Dreaming’ – but there are more forthright attempts to depict sorrow, like on ‘City Strain’, where the band lays things on the line behind a belligerent Sam Lyons. It’s a classic post-punk track with saxophone flutters that explores the mental struggle that comes with living in a boisterous city. Maybe it’s time we all got away for a bit.

Behind a Louis Forster and Riley Jones-like vocal chemistry, lead singer Meaghan Weiley and Lyons channel the conversation of two pals just trying to navigate their worries. This is consolidated on album closer, ‘House Deposit’, an unravelling seven-minute pop charm that’s sees the two singers concurrently voice their queries for the future.

Reward for Effort is an endearing journey that will resonate strongly with Melburnians far and wide. Dive in, you’ll be better for it.