Hop To It Tours are a must for adventure travellers

Hop To It Tours are a must for adventure travellers

Give us the lowdown on Hop To It Tours.

We aim to give people the quintessential Aussie camping experience amongst the best scenery Victoria has to offer. By running small group camping tours we cater for adventure travellers who want to experience the great outdoors in style.

How do you guys stand apart from other touring companies?

Our goal is to find the balance between seeing as much as possible and immersing yourself in the experience. By camping, we feel you appreciate nature better and by spending three to four days on the road we give you time to soak it all in.

You have a few tours to the Grampians. Tell us about these.

Our main tours are the 3-4 day group camping tours where you spend a night in the Grampians before hitting the Great Ocean Road. We also have private day and overnight trips to the Grampians for those with their own groups that don’t have the time to go longer.

What’s one activity punters can’t afford to miss when visiting the Grampians?

The Pinnacle lookout hike is not to be missed. A great 4km hike, it balances great rock formations such as the Grand Canyon and Silent Street with the majestic views of the Pinnacle overlooking Halls Gap.

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