Hmm, it appears Victoria Bitter has made its own blend of tea

Hmm, it appears Victoria Bitter has made its own blend of tea

Photo: VB (Facebook)


Victoria Bitter has revealed it’s breaking into the tea market. A bold move, some might say, considering everyone seems to have an opinion on the beer’s taste.

In anticipation of the Ashes, the classic beer brand has decided to lead the march on boycotting English Breakfast tea by providing a questionable alternative. For a meagre $10, you can buy a slab of 24 teabags containing a unique blend of Ceylon black tea and VB Super Pride hops. The tea doesn’t contain alcohol, in case you were wondering.

The commercial for the tea contains all the hallmarks of a traditional VB ad: the theme music, the voiceover guy, the Aussie mateship. It’s only towards the end that you tilt your head and eventually realise this isn’t what you bargained for.

Before you turn up your nose at it, a VB spokesperson has said “we wouldn’t say it has a beer flavour. But we would say it is a rich, black tea with VB’s Super Pride Hops. We have created a balanced, refreshing tea with distinct hoppy notes. Grab some and help us enjoy the upcoming cricket season”.

One question does remain, though: Why must we play God?

VB Tea can be found on its website for a limited time.