Hierophants deliver a woozy synth masterpiece with new album, ‘Spitting Out Moonlight’

The beloved synth enthusiasts are back.

Words by Tom Parker

Anti Fade Records can literally do no wrong. With Hierophants’ new album, Spitting Out Moonlight, labelhead Billy Gardner has unearthed six 2019 gemstones and we’re only in May.

They’re not just any records either – through The Snakes, Gonzo, Ausmuteants, Bananagun and more, Melbourne’s been reacquainted with old favourites and introduced to new players.

As if Gardner prides himself on trickery, the new Hierophants LP literally came out of the woodwork and stumped even the most Melbourne music learned. If there could be any more puns to douse this wily act of hocus-pocus, then shiver me timbers…

Wowee, maybe it’s time we got down to the music. Hierophants’ first album since 2015’s Parallax Error loosens the guitars and tightens the synths – it’s takes the odd kinks of Devo and runs a hot iron over the top, creating a sugary foray of compact pop. It shoots for the stars but does so in almost the most ‘as the crow flies’ way it can.

This doesn’t make for monotony but a polished 33-minute listen that pulls you in for the boogie and keeps you there. The synthesiser continues to be Melbourne musicians’ attempt to evade the constant and hooray for the Korg – ingenuity wouldn’t be the same without you.