Here’s what the Independents for Climate Action Now want for Australia

Here’s what the Independents for Climate Action Now want for Australia

Kammy Cordner Hunt
Kammy Cordner Hunt for the Independents for Climate Action Now Party.

Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN) was founded in 2018. What compelled the party’s creation?

The unseating of Malcolm Turnbull highlighted the galling fact that our government was full of ambitious little boys jostling for the top spot, prepared to do anything to snatch it from each other. This was not a group of responsible, wise, educated, concerned adults leading their people into the most torrid time of man’s history on the planet. It was a bunch of weasels eating from the hands of big corporate donors and saying whatever necessary to get them some purchase within the party. This was causing all this inaction on Climate Change in Parliament. We needed a new start.

What are the party’s goals for the upcoming federal election?

To raise awareness in the electorate about the need to vote for climate this election, and to spread information about our candidates. To have a good coverage of candidates who are strong in science over the three eastern states and garner for them, and the issue, as much publicity as possible. To get candidates into the Senate, where we can influence policy-making – bringing a scientific perspective to the table and heed the advice and warnings of 97% of climate scientists.

Tell us about your policies. What are you hoping to remedy from current policy-making?

Climate action, number one. Next, we need to address the current whittling of our democracy by biased press and vested interest donations. There are a number of very powerful, global corporations who seem to view national governments as ripe for the plucking to serve their purposes. Exposing and acknowledging the problem, then acting rigorously to remove it, and putting vigilant processes in place to protect us from their manipulations in the future is our secondary aim. This is the only way to save the collapse of our planetary ecosystems; to remove the exploiters.

If you could enact any policy on your first day of the job, what would it be?

Declare a Climate Emergency, Stop Adani, Stop Equinor in the Bight, Stop AGL in Westernport, Stop Fracking – Beetaloo Basin in the NT, and in all other states. Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin mismanagement. Great Barrier Reef – get back the $444 million thrown at Liberal Party mates and re-award the funding via proper tendering and transparent channels. End political donations, bring in election reform for improved fairness.

Why should I vote for you instead of a party for more wide-ranging policies?

This is an emergency. We need to get this done first, then other policies can be undertaken within the context of a declared climate emergency and our emerging new fossil fuel free economy. This is the benchmark, the restart switch – it has to happen first.

I want to vote for a party that I can easily relate to and one that is personable. Why is that ICAN?

We are an earthy, gutsy, reactionary group of individuals who put our hands up when we saw what was actually going on. We are just like you and everybody else – we have had a gutful. We are not career politicians who live for the cut and thrust on the floor of the chamber. We have decided to make a stand because for us, right now, it is the right place and time, and we are doing it for you.

For someone that isn’t too invested in politics and doesn’t know much about any of the parties, why should they tick your box?

We represent a departure from what has been going on before – that was the white noise of obfuscation that made you switch off! We represent a chance for you to feel you are being heard by people who are just like you, who want to end the meaningless, fruitless blah blah blah. We will engage you, and all people like you, to bring a real voice with real words that make real sense to parliament.

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