HER 他 – 13 Hour SPEED Rave

HER 他 – 13 Hour SPEED Rave

Get Ready to Dance Hard: HER 他—— 13 Hour SPEED Rave ©

09/03/2020。Crazy Arms。International Women’s Day。Labor Day。Monday

A public holiday day rave to celebrate the Australian Launch of HER 他

HER 他 sets out to celebrate gender and music equality with this celebration of amazing local talent from the Melbourne electronic music scene. From dawn to dusk (9AM-10PM) come down to everyone’s favourite courtyard dance floor at Crazy Arms and Dance Hard!

Crazy Arms, has been absolutely massive for supporting our world over the years and HER 他 is honoured to be able to celebrate together for this launch one more time before they close their doors on March 13th.

Please, join us and forget about the world outside any time from 9AM, theres no better way to spend a public holiday than a daytime rave, dancing your heart out with HER 他 and the superstar line up of ASPS。Bridge b2b Ahm。Cloudy Ku。DJ Burnout。Kaytseng。Matilda。Threepiecesuit.

International Woman’s Day is also this long weekend. Celebrate with us and support a good cause with $5 from every ticket sold going to Lotus Outreach Australia to help underprivileged girls in Cambodia gain access to education.
See more information – https://lotusoutreachaustralia.org.au

Acid, Raw, Rave, Gabber, Dark, Dnb, EBM, Minimal, Detroit, Industry, Noise, Footwork, Jungle, UK dubstep, breakcore, Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Hard Trance and Techno.

Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔
DJ Burnout
Debris Facility B2B Hextape
Female Wizard