Legendary punk Henry Rollins just launched a new four-hour radio show, ‘The Cool Quarantine’

Legendary punk Henry Rollins just launched a new four-hour radio show, ‘The Cool Quarantine’

240 mins of the good stuff.

Former Black Flag frontman and revered music personality, Henry Rollins, has just launched a new radio show, titled The Cool Quarantine.

Spanning four hours, the radio show sees us explore a self-isolated Rollins brain, as we traverse old stories, deep cuts and rarities. There’s bootleg recordings alongside streams of full albums and EPs. Rollins is really looking after us.

For the first episode, the journeyman details a story about him and his pal, Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye, attending a Led Zeppelin gig in 1977. Rollins does what Rollins does so there’s a bootleg recording of the concert to go along it.

With one episode down, listeners can expect more of this insightful goodness from Rollins, with more episodes to be released in the coming weeks.

“For many years, I’ve had this idea for a long-form show,” Rollins said about The Cool Quarantine in a statement. “I mean really long-form. Like hours. To do it terrestrially would be difficult because I would be crowding other shows out. But if it was online, hey. It’s as many songs as I want, language issues are not a factor, and if anyone gets bored, they can just turn it off or mark the time they checked out and resume later.

“The idea is that you’re in your room and Engineer X and I come over with a bunch of records,” he continued. “We play you songs, I tell you stories, and we do time together. Now that many of us are under some kind of confinement, we might as well get some good listening happening.”

Check out the radio show online at KCRW, coming in at a cool four hours and two minutes.

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