Gregor adds a spiritual glaze to his eccentric pop music on new album ‘Destiny’

Gregor adds a spiritual glaze to his eccentric pop music on new album ‘Destiny’

Photo: Ellen Fairbairn

Melbourne pop weirdo Gregor talks to Augustus Welby for episode #23 of the Turning Heads podcast.

Episode 23 of Turning Heads features a chat with Melbourne musician Gregor. The local pop eccentric’s third album, Destiny, is out now via Chapter Music.

Gregor released his debut album, Thoughts & Faults, through Chapter in 2016. His second album, Silver Drop, followed in 2018. The just-released Destiny is a slightly a mellower affair than its predecessor, but carries over many of that album’s stylistic hallmarks.

There’s a good amount of experimental pop weirdness, some nice reverb-drenched guitar playing and a bit of tranquil new age ambience. There’s also a pleasing balance of electronic instruments with more conventional rock and pop instrumentation and occasionally a touch of soft rock cheesiness. There’s a certain naïveté or purity of expression in Gregor’s voice, both in delivery and the content of his lyrics, which gives the recordings a strong sense of identity.

In the podcast, Gregor speaks about his early experiments with recording as a teenager and his immersion in Soundcloud beat making scenes. He also talks about his biggest childhood influences, the artists he’s spent the most time listening to over the last couple of years, and explains what makes Destiny a “postmodern concept album.”

Check out the podcast episode below:

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