Graffiti from his bathroom: How Banksy and other creatives are using lockdown to their advantage

Graffiti from his bathroom: How Banksy and other creatives are using lockdown to their advantage

Pic from Banksy's Instagram
Words by Emily-Layne Kapetanovic

How the world’s most imaginative are learning to adapt.

It has always been said that you are only limited to the confines of your imagination, however in the current climate that saying could be corrected to the confines of your house. In the case of professional creatives, their canvas has become more limited than ever. Or so we thought. No matter the craft, professionals around the world have found a way to adapt, whether it be through the use of technology or other inventive measures.

Banksy in the bathroom

Now would be the perfect time for elusive British artist Banksy to give his 8.3 million Instagram followers a brief look into what he’s been doing from home. Posting an image of his defecated bathroom, the caption simply reads, “My wife hates it when I work from home” and features numerous rats running havoc in the bathroom. It’s a very different canvas to his usual street work but it’s a classic Banksy creation nonetheless. The UK mastermind is known for slyly critiquing society through his work, which only begs the question: Is there a deeper meaning?

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. . My wife hates it when I work from home.

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Rooftop shenanigans

American photographer Jeremy Cohen proved to the world that sometimes the best inspiration is just out your window. From the view of his New York apartment, he observed the comings and goings of his neighbours on their roofs, taking a few photos along the way. One of the photos he took even landed him on the front cover of the New York Magazine.

An orchestra stays together

The internet has been a saving grace making us all feel that little bit less isolated whilst in lockdown and for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the restrictions have spawned a different kind of creativity. Bringing its members together over video stream, the orchestra performed a montage of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy and amassed over 2 million views in the process. There’s a bit going on in the video and just as much credit should be given to its editor than the performers themselves. Bravo.

Chefs cooking up a storm

Their restaurants may be closed but that doesn’t mean that chefs can’t continue to cook up a storm from home. No stranger to shooting cooking tutorials in his kitchen, Jamie Oliver has taken to Instagram to share some of his favourite recipes that range anywhere from ratatouille puff pizza to chocolate cheesecake. And he isn’t the only one – Matt Preston has even started a dedicated Instagram to showcase easy meals you can cook up and even some classic cocktails to help you relax after a hard day in quarantine. So if you feel like getting creative in the kitchen, Instagram has you covered.

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