Ge’ez Ethiopian Restaurant is bringing a slice of the African country to Brunswick

Ge’ez Ethiopian Restaurant is bringing a slice of the African country to Brunswick

What is the Ge’ez story?

The name Ge’ez comes from the ancient language of Ethiopia and Eritrea that is still used today in some contexts. With such a rich history, food has always been an integral part of Ethiopian/Eritrean tradition, so we offer the best authentic Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine right from the heart of Brunswick.

Ethiopian food is really booming in Melbourne. Why do Melburnians love this cuisine? Ethiopian/Eritrean food is distinctive, healthy and incredibly delicious. There is such a variety of dishes with a unique taste that it really does cater to everyone. Here at Ge’ez Restaurant, we have perfected vegan cuisine and gluten-free options. Our food is cooked with fresh ingredients making it even tastier.

Tell us a bit about your menu. What are some of your most popular dishes?

There are a range of meat and vegetarian dishes normally served with injera (traditional fermented flatbread) and recently, we have introduced a gluten-free injera option. Our most popular meat dishes are the Doro Wot (mild/spicy chicken stew simmered in herbs and spices) and Ye’shekla Tibis (cubes of tender beef/lamb sautéed in oil, herbs and spices). Along with serving individual dishes we also serve share platters, with the most popular being the vegan platter which serves eight or more vegetable and legume dishes per platter.

Have you got any exciting changes happening at Ge’ez as we near autumn?

We are looking forward to the season of Autumn where we will be introducing a new and exciting dish to the menu. We’d love to see you there!

Check out Ge’ez Ethiopian Restaurant at 718 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Head to their Facebook page to find opening hours and explore their food.