Bendigo alt-country rockers Four Lions deliver another solid album with ‘Hard Days’

Four Lions
Words By Rhys McKenzie

The boys are on a roll.

Ever-productive Bendigo alt-country rockers Four Lions have arrived with their fourth studio effort Hard Days. On its surface, the album is a pretty saccharine sounding record with the echo of a Glyn Johns product.

From the driving rhythm and tasty organ of ‘Stay’, to the chill guitar work on ‘Bent On Revenge’, to the vocalisations of ‘Tragic Modern Love’ and ‘How Much’ and the grilling saxophone solo in ‘Hard Days’, Four Lions seem to know how to keep the songs moving with a fresh lick or two.

It’s apparent across the record that there’s incredible harmony in Four Lions’ instrumentation and musicianship amongst its five members.

However, what lies in its lyrics is of a gloomier nature. The album seems to deal with unhealthy love and all its demons. A pain is modestly conveyed through the narratives, like in the swan song ‘Living With A Stranger’, where the band sing of the concern that comes with not knowing the person you reside beside. Meanwhile the lyrics “I believe my lies” ring relatable for anyone in the song ‘My Own Lies’.

Four Lions deliver a bittersweet box of candy with Hard Days which is another honourable effort from the band.