For The Jumper 2019

For The Jumper 2019

At the Gaso, we LOVE footy. Like, really love it.

And I’ll tell ya what, so do heaps of our muso mates.

So what better way to celebrate the climax to a thrilling year, than to assemble a bunch of us bone crunching battlers with the traditional coming together of ‘FOR THE JUMPER’.

For all you virgins to the cause, FTJ is a night featuring bands made entirely of supporters of each AFL team playing their club theme songs and a song relating to their team or team’s season in some way. Playing order to follow the finishing positions on the ladder.

Come watch all your favourites sing odes to their favourites. They’ll leave nothing in the tank, so how are we to expect any less from you?

Come celebrate the three things we love most. Footy, music, and you.